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Promotional Pencils

Our Favourites

Promoting with pencils

If you’re looking to build customer and client loyalty, a simple promotional pencil might be the ideal product for you. Our cheaper pencils are perfectly priced for a large-scale marketing campaign. The options we have include the half-sized golf pencil and standard sized pencils, available sharpened or not. The sharpened pencils may cost slightly more, but paying the difference will allow you to have promotional products which can be used immediately. 

Going mechanical

If you’re looking for that added bit of style, class and quality from your promotional pencil then you want to be looking at branded mechanical pencils.

Colour us impressed

If you’re looking to promote yourself to schools, nurseries or children’s charities, branded colouring pencils and crayons are the product for you. These fun and friendly products can either come in a standard cardboard box, or if you’re happy to pay a little more, we have some creative options to promote with.