Promotional Event Giveaways

Ensure your brand stands out at your next event with promotional giveaways. Printed display items like banners, flags and gazebos will make your stand look more inviting to attendees and give you an edge over competitors.

When printed with your business logo and contact details, promotional products can act as business cards and will leave customers a way to remember you after the event. Your giveaway should provide value to your customer, products like USBs and Tote Bags are useful. 

Stress Balls

Always a popular branded giveaway stress balls are ideal for printing your business logo on either side. The workplace is often the cause of stress and by having a stress ball on your desk you’ll have something to squeeze and release all your anxiety into.


Printed lanyards are an ideal marketing tool for both small and large businesses. By having your business logo printed onto a lanyard to boost your brand visibility. Lanyards provide security and professionalism within the workplace


Branded sweets and mints provide excellent low-cost giveaways that are hard to resist. An easy giveaway to hand out at your next event and to grab people's attention to your stand.